why do wholesale with us?

  • If you are in it for us, then we are in it for you. The whole idea behind the wholesale program is for as many people as possible to experience the goodness in coffee. Simply put, we want to demonstrate our love for coffee to everyone. Over the years, Ugly Mug Cafe has gradually progressed into a roasting company, and now would be the prime time to share our coffee with you and we cannot be more excited!


  • Quality: without a quality product, we cannot possibly exist. It is our constant desire  and requirement for our product to be a qualifying product (Always!). What we sell is not solely for profit, but for a passion. Our goal is to generate a culture of educated people who can appreciate good coffee all the while making profit to maintain what we love to do. We strive to achieve higher quality in any way we can.


  • Relationship: Really, our wholesale program is not just about making money; we believe it is more about building a relationship and a community of coffee-loving people. It is our job to ensure our members succeed by teaching them what our passion is and to do what is right and honest, which will prevail to the end. We do our utmost to help whomever needs it in making a better cup of coffee. We believe in the idea of promoting a business through education, especially because people need to know what to appreciate in order to actually appreciate something. Thus, we are setting out to provide barista training, coffee classes, cupping classes, tasting events, monthly seminars, and more. We are thrilled to provide our members with all the knowledge to make them better sellers of fine coffee.




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