Farm to Table program

It is our utmost passion and vision to establish a direct trade relationship with the farmers and we are slowly working towards that goal. We want to build a strong relationship with the origin and with the people who grow. We want to help them build a sustainable practice. We want to pay what they deserve. We want to share the goodness that can be achieved through coffee. We want people to appreciate and most of all enjoy quality coffee. We mean serious love for coffee and we are confident that one sip is all it would take for you to love us back.

Coffee engaging community

All the effort and care put into coffee beans will be lost if it is brewed and prepared in an incorrect way. For this reason, training and practice are a must if you want to make a good cup of coffee. That’s why a job title such as Barista should not be taken lightly as some part-time, minimum wage, end-of-the line job. Baristi require the proper skills, craftsmanship and knowledge to prepare something this delicate and sensitive. We want the knowledge to be shared; we want our customers to make good coffee as well! We will provide training, consulting, and more to provide our customers to make good coffee, because good coffee should be accessible to all who want to enjoy.

Support and participating for the local community

Giving back means a lot to us, because we are here in the first place for the love and support of the local community. Without our customers, we won't be here, and that is why we want to also give love and support for the people around us. We source most of our ingredients from local business, we participate and give donation to the local causes that needs to be heard and supported. Our business is all about people and relationship; we believe giving back to the community fulfills us as a whole.

Helping those who are in need

Specialty coffee growers all around the world is composed of small family-oriented groups of farmers. And often they live in a harsh condition and environment. For us to provide high quality beans, the farmers need to be well, the business needs to be sustainable, ecologically, socially, environmentally. In addition to our direct trade programs, we also support those who are in need by providing charity to COFFEE KIDS organization, where they cultivates the power of coffee-producing communities to determine the terms of their future. We give every xxxx amount to every coffee that we sell to Coffee Kids to support their good cause and to make our world more sustainable.