I believe the most beautiful cup of coffee is a clean black coffee that had used good crops of green beans, roasted delicately, brewed and prepared with great care.

But some of the time, we run into people who does not know and does not appreciate the pureness in a coffee that we pursue.

 As a young boy, I couldn't possibly understand the adults who enjoy drinks such as beer, wine, whiskey, and most of all coffee.
It all tasted bitter and sour and unpleasant, and often times I reached out for a sweet sugary drinks in all these different eye-popping colors. However as I grew, as I grow into liking the flavors that I once did not liked, as I grow my taste buds to taste the differences in subtle changes, I was growing into liking the flavors of coffee, especially the well prepared ones.

What I love about the good coffee is the variety and the complex of flavors in a cup just like well made drinks such as beer, wine and whiskey and so on. The sophistication and the intertwined variety of flavors that smear out and mix together to create this wonderful cup of beautiful notes are just like that of an incredible painting on a museum wall. And that, my friends, is what I believe the good coffee suppose to be, and that is what we pursue as a coffee roaster.

-David Lee

CEO of Ugly Mug Cafe